No matter what I'm teaching, I aim to help my students learn to self-advocate, find their place in an ever-changing digital environment, and see themselves as composers capable of exerting change in their communities. 

My pedagogical practices & beliefs are informed by

environmental equity

writing center experience

games & literature scholarship

equitable assessment & access

Courses I've Taught

WRIT 1120:
Introduction to College Writing
Fall 2018, Spring 2019

Following UMD's FYC curriculum, WRIT 1120 aimed to help students transfer knowledge about genre and the rhetorical situation into unfamiliar contexts. The course asked students to compose in a variety of genres, including a formal letter, online article for a specific publisher, and a public comment. To help students understand how to write into unfamiliar genres, I paired the major assignments with texts that both conform with and depart from genre conventions we talk about in class and that students find through their own genre research.

LIT 4292:
Literature Into Film
Spring 2019

I assisted Dr. Katie Van Wert in creating the syllabus and course content for LIT 4292. I completed course content alongside students, assisted Dr. Van Wert in grading students' formal film analyses and creative texts, and introduced content in a lecture format. Some of the course texts included:

  • William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying and James Franco's 2016 adaptation 

  • Annie Proux's "Brokeback Mountain" and Ang Lee's 2005 adaptation
  • Mary Gaitskill's "The Secretary" and Steven Shainberg's 2002 adaptation
ENG 102:
College Writing and Research
Fall 2019, Spring 2020

Following UWM's FYC curriculum, ENG 102 prioritizes students' grasp of information literacy to contend with an ever-changing digital environment constrained by algorithms and littered with d/misinformation. The course has a critical regional focus in response to the Democratic National Convention Committee's decision to host the 2020 DNC in Milwaukee, putting the city in the national spotlight. In response, ENG 102 aims to help students find their communities and recognize the city's wicked problems by reading about and researching the city throughout the semester. 

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