I am a member of the UWM Digital Cultures Collaboratory, under the callsign Serious Play. We're an interdisciplinary group of graduate students, faculty, and staff from UWM. We study games.

We stream live on Twitch.

I host a show where we talk and play competitive games called The Arena. We are live on Mondays from 2 - 4 PM.

I also host a show where we play board games, called Board Meeting. In response to Covid-19 closures, this show is on hiatus.

Weekly Schedule


10:30 AM | Coffee Break

2:00 PM | The Arena


2 PM | Free 2 Start

(on hiatus)


1 PM | Couch Surfing


12 PM | The Lunch Zone

2 PM | Doctors and Dungeon Masters


2 PM | Board Meeting

(on hiatus)

Get in touch

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