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I am currently the Social Media Director for the UWM Digital Cultures Collaboratory, under the callsign Serious Play. We're an interdisciplinary group of graduate students, faculty, and staff from UWM. We study games.

We stream live on Twitch.
The Serious Play/Digital Cultures Collaboratory is hosting a Live Streaming Symposium on April 17-18, featuring online presentations of and about streaming of video gameplay and other performative activities, in and out of the academy. The event will feature streamers from around the U.S. and will coordinate with a parallel event in Jyvaskyla, Finland.

Weekly Schedule, Spring 2021


12 PM | Coffee Break


10 AM | Couch Surfing/Diss Tracks

1 PM | The Arena


12 PM | The Lunch Zone

1 PM | D&DMs


12 PM | The Board Meeting

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